Client: MCBW
Collab: BTTR Berlin

Munich Creative Business Week social media strategy and design

Concept and design of the social media strategy for a pitch proposal, in collaboration with BTTR Berlin.

Based on the principle “Design Connects”, our concept was developed from the premise of “what if...?” questions. The intention was to change the context one departs from and propose an alternate reality to come up with solutions. Thinking of another time.

The visual concept was based on a template with the golden ratio.
Here several visual options are possible whilst maintaining coherence throughout all the visuals, giving the possibility to use and be bold with the template.

The golden ratio symbolizes and is itself the design grid — one of the key elements in design. Design, science, rules and freedom to explore all combined because ultimately this is an event for creatives to stay ahead of their time and be actively part of the (r)evolution.

A set of basic shapes were designed to assist and enhance the idea that basic elements combined together in different forms can achieve complex and compelling visuals.

As for the strategy itself, we proposed a set of questions to engage with the audience to be shared on social media with question/answer boxes. The answers were to be displayed at the event and the participants would have the chance to see their contributions shared in the physical world. Giving the chance to everyone to participate and be part of the conversation. Also, having the dicotomy of an analogue archive that was created and stored in the internet is displayed only at the event venue.

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