Client: European Forum Alpbach
Collab: BTTR Berlin

European Forum Alpbach social media strategy and design

Collaboration with BTTR Berlin to develop and design the concept for social media strategy for the European Forum Alpbach ‘22 edition.

EFA changed it’s image ︎︎︎ The brief was to come up with a set of templates and a strategy for social media considering the new fresh rebrand.

The strategy was to show that EFA still has the same traditions, but with a new face, the face of youth and future — according to the new brand identity: past v.s. future — what’s good to keep and what’s good to adapt to approach future times.

︎︎︎ To make this work we asked for pictures of the archive of the Forum. To show how the first editions had what’s still the core of the Forum today. To enhance that even though times are changing, the Forum is adapting whilst keeping its essence.
The challenge was to explain visually all the possible ticket sales according to the different daily topics and talks.

︎︎︎ For this part, we choose to display carousels with the info per week: Main topic + detailed topic. 

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