Concept and design


A civil disobedience campaign designed for climate action, in Portugal. The purpose was to shut down the coal refinery in Sines, which is still working until this day. Because we don’t need coal, a fossil fuel, to keep producing energy. We need a clean and just transition to renewable energy. And we need it right now.

vamos juntas = Let’s go together.

Watch the video of the protest here.
By ranna media

Activists joined together from several parts of the country to shut down a coal factory in Sines, Portugal. This factory is one of the most polluting companies in the country. 

The strategy was to block the entrance of the factory with as many activists possible. It was a non violent action to send the portuguese government and the company the message that there are people suffering due to this industry and many more will if nothing is done to have a just transition to renewable energies.

History taught us that social movements do have the power to make a change on the streets.

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