We are are all boxes

“Waiting to be opened and be known by others”
I don’t remember where I read this, but I thought it would be the perfect motto for a project, in which I would begin to express who I am and my creativity; because, yes, don’t we all have so much more to show hidden behind our shells?

In 2016 I decided to change my career because I wasn’t working within the creative world and in order to do so I had to find the courage to show who I really was and the work I could create.

So I did. I drew a box, built it and literally knocked the doors of those who I wanted to work with. All by hand, from scratch with grit and determination.

The content inside the box shows my path this stage. My academic studies , side projects and professional accomplishments.  Also, a bit more of my personality!

Alongside the box I wrote a letter to the individual or studio I was visiting. In it I explained the contents and the reason why I was presenting myself in this way.

Upper compartments (editorials about my work):

  1. academics
  2. side projects
  3. professional path

Lower compartments (details about my personality)

4. an origami elephant: because I’m known to have patience to do little handcrafts (and also because it is one of my favourite animals)
5. a pen and paper: because I always need to write down to-do lists
6. a box with a magnifying glass to read: “They say I do have attention to detail”
7. business card

© carolinabsacoto