Dream Work

is an editorial that explores the relationship between the hypertext and the concept of a dream. Within a dream we find ourselves jumping one place to another (external and internal connections), or going into bizare scenarios that mix rather confusing thoughts and establishes them in some realm of reality. However through interacting with this editorial the reader can better understand and process these thoughts, and in turn they become new and more comprehensive.

The publication presented becomes something more than a book. It assumes a challenging format, since it represents all parts fo the process of a dream. Where each page has its own meaning. Here are represented the four aspects of Dream Work (analysis about the interpretation of dreams from Freud), at the same time as it is established a connection between dream and the hypertext.

While flipping pages the reader is asked to experiment and fill in the gaps, interacting with the object, in order to understand it's message.

Work in collaboration with Teresa Freitas.

© carolinabsacoto